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Cybersecurity Considerations for Deep Renovation

By Luiz Filipe Evelin Arruda, Sam Schoenlank, and Antonia Egli (Dublin City University) Join us as we wrap up our exploration of the open access...

Financing Building Renovation: Financial Technology as an Alternative Channel to Mobilise Private Financing

By Luiz Filipe Evelin Arruda, Sam Schoenlank, and Antonia Egli (Dublin City University) Join us as we continue to explore the open access book 'Disrupting...

Integrating Intelligent Construction Equipment and Robotics for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

The construction industry, representing a significant portion of GDP in most countries, has historically struggled with inefficiencies. However, advancements in digital technologies and automation are driving transformative changes - robotics in particular offers promise in improving safety, productivity, and skilled worker shortages. Despite the potential benefits, challenges such as high capital costs, safety concerns, and the need for upskilling workers remain. Nonetheless, with the right frameworks and assessments in place, intelligent construction equipment and robotics can revolutionise the industry by enhancing efficiency, safety, and quality.

Revolutionising Building Renovation through BIM and Emerging Technologies

The RINNO blog series on the recently published open access book ‘Disrupting Buildings: Digitalisation and the Transformation of Deep Renovation’ continues with a spotlight on Chapter 3: Building Information Modelling with Dr Omar Doukari, Prof Mohamad Kassem, and Prof David Greenwood. Read on to better understand the potential of building information modelling in deep renovation projects. For timely updates on this blog series, sign up to the RINNO newsletter or follow us on social media here.

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