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About Pink

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Pink has years of experience in the field of designing and production of storage tanks, stainless steel hot water tanks, and energy storage tanks. Additionally, Pink is a specialist in the field of solar thermal systems, solar/thermally driven cooling, and domestic hot water preparation systems. Another important business area includes district heating systems. Pink developed a software tool to simulate district heating networks. This tool helps to design and optimise district heating systems.

Role in the Project

As a specialist for domestic hot water preparation systems, Pink are able to provide a range of de-centralised DHW-systems with specific advantages in terms of energy efficiency and installation time.

Pink will provide detailed information for several de-centralised DHW-systems to be embedded in the project simulation architecture as well as components for Demo-installations.

Key Personnel



Werner Pink is a senior researcher with experience in team leading, R&D-management, and project management. He is the general manager of Pink GmbH as well as the Head of Research and Development. He has experience of more than 30 local, national, and European research projects in the field of thermal energy systems and components, focusing on renewable energy usage.

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Wolfgang Schuller is a System and Component designer and control expert. He has 18 years of experience in engineering and sales. He is also an expert in the planning and R&D of solar thermal components and systems (hydraulics and control, remote access, data acquisition, optimisation).

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Christian Halmdienst is a hydraulic system, control, and simulation expert. He is an excellent researcher in the field of absorption chillers/heat pumps and the developer of the simulation software for hydraulic grids “simplex”, used in many commercial and development projects for system simulation and analyses. Christian has more than 20 years of experience in the planning of cogeneration-plants, the development of a software tool for district heating networks, and the development of an absorption chiller, a simulation of energy concepts.