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Deep Energy Renovation of a residential building according to the Passive House Premium standard


Piraeus Str, Moschato-Tavros, Greece

Scope of Renovation

The scope of the renovation is to complete a deep energy renovation of the whole building according to the Passive House Premium standard. After completion, the building will be certified as the first EnerPHit Premium in SE Europe. The renovated building and the identical conventional building next to it will be monitored to compare energy consumption results.


  • Multifamily building of 4 floors, with 2×75m2 apartments per floor. Owned by eight people and part of a big social housing complex
  • Construction year: 1970
  • Conventional concrete and brick construction, no insulation
  • Aluminium frames in windows with single glazing. Oil used for heating
An old apartment complex with balconies and wall art

Partner responsible

Transformation measures

  • a) Heat pumps (mainly mini split units) used for heating/cooling, b) Solar panels used for DHW and heating, c) PV’s on top and on walls used for electricity, d) PV glazing in windows.
  • Virtual net metering and storing the electricity produced in the public network. The owners will create an energy community and use the additional produced electricity for common uses
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery and enthalpy, low noise, with smart censors for CO2, humidity and temperature, air-flow control
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) with sustainable materials, calculated according to passive house standard
  • Triple glazing, low-e with high g-Value and additional shading system
  • Installation of PV and new solar panels on the roof and on the south west external walls
  • Charge stations for electric cars

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