Deep Renovation of a Multi-owner Residential Building to Reach a Low Energy Standard


Avedøre Stationsby, Hvidovre, Denmark

Scope of Renovation

The scope of the renovation is to develop a showroom for the best possible energy renovation solutions which is to be replicated in the rest of Avedøre Stationsby.


  • There are three Social Housing Companies in Avedøre City operating 2.500 flats (both multi-family and terraced) ranging from 69 to 138 m2
  • Construction year: 1976-78
  • The buildings are made of concrete elements and are not well insulated
  • The roofs are of fibber cement
  • Four housing units will act as a demo site
  • Replication of up to 2499 housing units – depending on the results
A walkway besides a red brick building with multiple streetlights

Partner responsible

Transformation measures

  • Building integrated RES technologies
  • A cooperative battery solution, a “Booster”in the DH cooperation system
  • Mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery – testing of Micro-ventilation in living rooms
  • New roofs and insulation of walls (conventional and bio-based) – also with integrated PV
  • Triple (energy) glazing
  • The DH system will be developed as an advanced, 4th generation DH based on the ATES technology
  • Infrastructure for electro mobility chargers will be installed together with the installation of the new DH system

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