This document is a Report on the RINNO Dissemination & Communication Plan and is RINNO Deliverable 8.1 of the RINNO project, an Innovation Action project supported by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement Number 892071. Full information on this project, including the contents of this deliverable, is available online at

RINNO Deliverable 8.1 provides an initial dissemination plan and an outline of the activities that RINNO will undertake to raise awareness, engage stakeholders, promote the project and its results, achievements and knowledge generated, while also setting a basis for concertation and exploitation. It also describes the implementation of the project website and social networking accounts. Finally, it reports on agreed dissemination activities to raise public awareness and participation and impact against planned metrics in the first three months.

This document is concerned with:

  • Identifying the initial set of RINNO stakeholders to be targeted by dissemination activities
  • Outlining the dissemination objectives, goals, strategies and tactics for the RINNO Project
  • Presenting the dissemination activities to be undertaken over the duration of the RINNO Project
  • Setting expectation for dissemination performance for the RINNO Project
  • Reporting on dissemination activities taking place during the first three months of the project

It is organised as follows. Section 1 introduces the RINNO project, its aims and objectives and presents a preliminary analysis of key stakeholders. Section 2 outlines the initial dissemination objectives, goals, strategies and tactics for the project. The dissemination activities will be implemented through traditional communication channels, such as event attendance, project publications and project presentations, complemented by online activities based around the project website and social media platforms. Planned dissemination activities, channels and samples of collateral are outlined in Section 3. Section 4 presents key performance indicators for the project and summarises activities completed to date. Appendices are attached with supporting material.

This dissemination plan and set of activities outlined in this document are subject to change to provide the project with a flexible approach to determine the most relevant routes to dissemination, and taking into account limitations introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic from time to time. Any proposed changes are subject to approval by the RINNO Executive Board.

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