RINNO Digital Twinning

RINNO will develop a simplified Digital-Twin software that will allow for accurate virtual representation of buildings to be created quickly and will serve as the basis for generating different renovation scenarios. The RINNO Digital-Twin solution will leverage a mix of existing mathematical & physical models of the building and information pulled from extensive external databases, where either aggregated data (e.g. energy bills) or historical data are stored.

The RINNO Digital-Twin solution aims to make renovation offerings more attractive and less time-consuming for all relevant stakeholders. The software will test and assess different renovation scenarios to identify energy performance improvements and potential constraints. Its primary advantage over current approaches lies in its simplicity compared to conventional modelling approaches, without the requirement of dedicated experts’ involvement.

Expected benefits: The Digital Twin software, in conjunction with the novel capturing and mapping techniques included in RINNO, will provide an accurate representation of buildings and their expected energy performance prior to renovation. This will allow for better and more efficient renovation design and planning, with an expectation of reducing time and cost used for energy efficiency renovation by 15%.

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